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Multiple Deliverables


Brand Refresh, Brand Guidelines, Sales Enablement Marketing Collateral, Landing Pages and Display Ads


In 2012, Dr. Blake McKinney had an innovative idea. He frequently received messages from friends and family seeking medical advice. Inspired by this, he envisioned a chat-based approach that could provide accessible care to everyone. Thus, CirrusMD was born. CirrusMD, led by Dr. McKinney and a team of healthcare experts, aims to make seeing a doctor as simple as having a conversation with a friend. Over the years, CirrusMD has successfully enhanced healthcare accessibility for more than 10 million users across all 50 states. Utilizing an Advanced Primary Care model, their multidisciplinary team of doctors and health coaches delivers around-the-clock physician-first care and guidance to health plans and large self-insured employers. During my time with CirrusMD, I played a pivotal role in developing a diverse range of marketing materials for their corporate brand. I conceptualized and created visually captivating paid media ads, compelling social promotional graphics, informative infographics, engaging presentations, impactful landing pages, and visually appealing web graphics. Furthermore, my responsibilities extended to executing a comprehensive brand refresh. This involved revamping the visual identity of CirrusMD, incorporating new typography, vibrant colors, an updated image library, and professional stationery. Through these efforts, I contributed to enhancing the overall brand image and establishing a cohesive visual presence for CirrusMD.

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